Be An Informed Home Buyer

Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, and Cedar Park, TX


Austin Home Inspection Team

That house you’re looking at for your family’s next home may be beautiful, but do you really know if it’s in great condition? Is it soundly built? Is it safe? Is it energy efficient? And if not, then how much will repairs cost? And who do you trust with the answers to these questions?

Hi, I’m Michael Scher, owner of Austin Home Inspection Team. My job is to save you money, avoid surprises and prevent possible disaster, now and in the future. My comprehensive written report covers major and minor repairs, including essential safety issues that must be addressed.

Whether you’re happy to get a great price on a “fixer-upper” or you want a home that’s immaculate at move-in, I’ll make sure you get the information you need to decide what’s best for you and your loved ones.

Being a dad to 7 kids has definitely honed my organizational, management, and time leveraging skills. It also reminds me every day that the house you’re shopping for is much more than a structure of wood and metal — it’s your family’s future home.